Implementation of Phase 1 and 2 fiber optic back-bone Kish Free Zone

the company is also using efficient and experienced personnel and the success rate of project design, implementation and delivery of. Project Details are as follows.

Name of Project: Phase 1 fiber optic Beck Ben Kish Free Zone Organization
And cable burial Fiber Blowing Description: connecting the centers of the organization using
Author: Kish Free Zone Organization
Observer: Organization of Information and Communication Technology KFZO
Drilling Area: 2000 m
Fiber Blowing cable length: 2200 m using
Mark duct area: 2000 m
Netherlands UTKFU brand CTC-CS 8xSM Out / Arm G657.A 48 and 1 (6 * 8) xSM Outdoor G657.A type of cable used: 1
UTKFU Netherlands Brand Multi Tube Cable DBT 7×7 / type of duct used: 4
Cansotech and TKF Accessories: brands
Electro-industry company Rama: cabinet design of FTTx




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